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SPOILER/AUDIO: U2 Rehearsing in Vancouver with Lighting Production


U2 is reunited back in Vancouver now, and rehearsals have resumed at Pacific Coliseum. An @U2 reader who wants to remain anonymous sent in the clip below from Wednesday night's rehearsals. It's "Bullet The Blue Sky," a song that we've heard in previous rehearsals, but a couple times during the video -- when the camera points toward the arena doors -- you can see inside that there's a full lighting production in place to coincide with this part of the song. Sounds and looks like the band is getting closer to having a show, which is good since the tour starts in a week.

We expect the band's rehearsals to move to Rogers Arena very soon. Neil Diamond performs there on Thursday, and U2 should have the venue as soon as he's out.

If you're not avoiding spoilers, the fans in our forum are keeping a running list of all known songs that U2 has rehearsed so far.