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(Spoilers) Day 3: U2's Joshua Tree 2017 Tour rehearsals in Vancouver


U2 spent Thursday rehearsing for the third straight day in anticipation of next week's Joshua Tree Tour 2017 opener in Vancouver. But for a while, there was plenty of uncertainty about the band's plans. Rehearsals earlier this week started no later than 2:00 PM local time, but on Thursday fans outside BC Place stadium didn't report any sounds until shortly after 4:00 PM PT. And even then, there was some uncertainty over whether U2 was rehearsing live, whether the band's stage techs were playing/testing gear or whether it was a playback of previous rehearsals.

There were reports that "Ordinary Love" was heard in this first afternoon session, but none of our staff could confirm. What we did hear via online clips and streams included:

1.) "Red Hill Mining Town" (possibly not full band nor full song)
2.) "Exit" (short clip here)
3.) "Miss Sarajevo"

After a break, rehearsal resumed at about 6:15 PM PT, with fans hearing three more songs:

4.) "Sunday Bloody Sunday"
5.) "Pride"
6.) "Where The Streets Have No Name" (Bono only singing the chorus)

After a lengthy break, U2 began rehearsing in earnest again at about 9:15 PM PT. Initially we listed song No. 7 below as "unknown song," but we've since confirmed it was a playback of "Rainy Night In Soho" by The Pogues, which may be under consideration as the band's intro song. After that, here's what U2 rehearsed:

7.) "Sunday Bloody Sunday" (short clip here)
8.) "New Year's Day" (short clip here and another clip here)
9.) "A Sort Of Homecoming"
10.) "MLK" (short clip here)
11.) "Pride"
12.) "Where The Streets Have No Name" (short clip here)
13.) "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" (stopped and restarted a couple times) (short clip here)
14.) "With Or Without You" (short clip here and another clip here)
15.) "Bullet The Blue Sky"
16.) "Running To Stand Still"
17.) "Red Hill Mining Town"
18.) "In God's Country"
19.) "Trip Through Your Wires"
20.) "One Tree Hill"
21.) "Exit" (short clip here - listen for a new Bono "rant" at the end)
22.) "Mothers Of The Disappeared" (with "El Pueblo Vencera")

By this point, fans estimated that there were about 75 people listening outside the stadium -- see the "Exit" clip above. The band took a short break and then resumed at about 10:35 PM PT.

23.) "Pride" (stopped and started)
24.) "Where The Streets Have No Name"
25.) "Exit"

And with that, the band wrapped things up a little before 11:00 PM PT.