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(Spoilers) U2 begins Joshua Tree Tour 2017 rehearsals in Vancouver


U2's first full day of Joshua Tree Tour 2017 rehearsals inside BC Place stadium is in the books after almost 10 hours. Fans and passers-by were posting on Twitter and Instagram since about 2:00 pm PT, reporting that they're plainly able to hear the band perform elsewhere in downtown Vancouver.

We kept track as best we could of the band's rehearsal setlist, which is presented below as we posted it with some notes indicating things we're not positive about.


1.) "Pride"
2.) "Where The Streets Have No Name" (video clip below)
3.) "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
4.) "With Or Without You"
5.) "New Year's Day" (not full song)
6.) "Bullet The Blue Sky" (not sure if full song)
7.) "Exit" (not sure if full song)
8.) "Miss Sarajevo" (not sure if full song)

The above songs were all performed in the mid-afternoon hours. The band took some breaks here and there. This next batch of songs was played during the early evening hours.

9.) unknown song (listen here or listen here)
10.) "Red Hill Mining Town" (short clip here and another clip here)
11.) "Sunday Bloody Sunday"
12.) "New Year's Day"
13.) "Bullet The Blue Sky"

There were some more stops and quiet periods with individual songs being worked on, possibly by Edge's tech, Dallas Schoo:

14.) "One Tree Hill" (guitar only)
15.) "Running To Stand Still" (keyboards only)

And then around 10:15 PM local time, the band started a lengthy run-through that went as follows, with almost no breaks aside from what sounded like some noodling/tweaking the keyboard intro to "Miss Sarajevo." Fans around the world listened to this last segment via Bjorn L.'s Periscope stream. In the Periscope app, fast forward to the 2:58 mark -- 2 hours, 58 minutes -- to listen in, and be ready to turn it up.

16.) "Bullet The Blue Sky" (short clip here)
17.) "Running To Stand Still"
18.) "Red Hill Mining Town" (short clip here)
19.) "In God's Country" (short clip here)
20.) "Trip Through Your Wires"
21.) "One Tree Hill" (short clip here)
22.) "Exit" (short clip here; might've included a "Gloria" snippet -- not sure)
23.) "Mothers Of The Disappeared" (with "El Pueblo Vencera" outro)
24.) "Beautiful Day"
25.) "Ultraviolet" (short clip here)
26.) "One"
27.) "Miss Sarajevo"
28.) unknown song (same as earlier)

And with that, at 11:30 pm PT, we now think rehearsal is finished.

These aren't the band's first tour rehearsals overall, just the first inside BC Place stadium where the tour will begin in 10 days. (Some of the production crew was working on visual elements inside the stadium Monday night.) Here's one of the first video clips posted today.