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U2.com 2022 Live CD Almost Ready!

Cropped Zooropa Cover 1200x600

The U2.com 2022 subscriber gift, U2 Achtung Baby 30 – Live, is almost ready to be sent out. U2.com is now offering two tracks from the upcoming CD for download: "Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World" and "Who's gonna Ride your Wild Horses" are now in your U2.com profile.

We are also happy to report that these first two tracks appear to be free from any edits that most official live releases suffer from. (The 2017 deluxe edition of The Joshua Tree, for example, featured a live recording of the September 28, 1987 Madison Square Garden show, but was heavily edited.)

Get ready for the release by exploring the shows featured on the disc with the full tracklisting below:

1. Zoo Station - Live from Buenos Aires March 6, 2006
2. Even Better than the Real Thing - Live from Reggio Emilia September 20, 1997
3. One - Live from Sao Paulo October 19, 2017
4. Until the End of the World - Live from Barcelona October 5, 2015
5. Who's gonna Ride your Wild Horses - Live from Belfast October 28, 2018
6. So Cruel - Live from Pontiac September 9, 1992
7. The Fly - Live from London August 20, 1993
8. Mysterious Ways - Live from Cape Town February 18, 2011
9. Trying to Throw Your Arms around the World - Live from Dublin August 28, 1993
10. Ultra Violet (Light My Way) - Live from Buenos Aires April 2, 2011
11. Acrobat - Live from Manchester October 19, 2018
12. Love Is Blindness - Live from Dallas October 16, 1992