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U2 in Ireland: Pre-Sales Begin Thursday (Sept. 10)


Pre-sales for U2's six shows in Ireland will begin on Thursday, Sept. 10, but sales on that day will be limited to U2.com subscribers in Ireland (both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland). Pre-sales will continue on Friday (Sept. 11) and will be open to all U2.com subscribers around the world.

The first pre-sale will begin at 10:00 am local time (in Ireland) on Thursday and continue until 12:00 pm (Ireland time) on Friday. The wider pre-sale will run from noon until 5:00 pm Friday. This has been posted on the U2.com help page, where you'll see that the pre-sale is for "qualifying U2.com subscribers." We assume that means U2.com subscribers who have unused pre-sale access codes, but let's wait for confirmation of that in the email that U2.com will be sending soon. (Note that there's an old question from last year's ticket sales that specifically mentions the possibility of Dublin shows being added, and says "Your un-used pre-sale ticketing access code will be valid to use if further shows are announced." You can find that six questions below the information about this week's pre-sales.)

This news was first shared with us Tuesday night when "Bigwave" (John N.) from the U2.com/Zootopia community joined our live chat about the Irish concerts and shared the link to that help page. The chat is embedded below, and you can catch John's arrival at the 43:00 mark.