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@U2 Tours Update #2: Four More Tours Completed, Hundreds More U2 Shows Updated



It's been almost a year since our first update, but don't be fooled by the quiet: The @U2 Tours crew has been busy listening to live recordings of every U2 concert (that has a live recording available) to make sure we have the most accurate U2 concert setlists possible on our website.

We still have work to do, but with U2 on a break, now's a good time to let you know what tours we've finished listening to and what changes we've made to our setlists.

Tour Updates Completed

Here's the second set of tour setlists that we've finished updating:

That's in addition to the updates we announced last year:

As our crew listens to live recordings of every U2 show possible, we also have some fantastic discussions and debates over what we hear Bono singing and whether we should add it to the setlist as a snippet, or even a new song altogether.

Here's an incomplete list of what we've added to the newly-finished tours listed above:


  • the first occasion that "My Kind Of Town" was snippeted
  • the first time Bono sang a snippet of "Long Way To Tipperary"
  • the only occasion that Bono sang a snippet of "I Left My Heart In San Francisco"
  • the only time that Bono has sung a snippet of a Jerry Lee Lewis song
  • more than 50 instances of "Cry"
  • more than 50 instances of "Send In The Clowns"

Joshua Tree



Other Updates

As has been the case all along, we're not just updating setlists and snippets. We're adding attendance figures when we can find them (like this show), full concert videos when we can find them (like May 28, 1987 in Rome) and much more. We're also tagging every show where Bono sang "shine like stars" during "With Or Without You," something we don't list as a snippet because it's not from another song, but we know fans want to know when that extra verse is sung.

How You Can Help

There are a couple ways you can get involved:

1.) Create your account and U2 fan profile page on the Tours site. It's super easy to do, but we have instructions online to help you get started just in case. Once your profile is setup, find the U2 shows you've been to and click the link to indicate that you were there. Add reviews and photos or, if you wrote reviews long ago over at U2tours.com, claim those so they can be added to your profile.

2.) Suggest great YouTube videos that we should link to from our concert detail pages. Here's what we're looking for.

We've got more work to do, but we invite you to check out the finished tours listed above, create your own fan profile page (here's mine) and enjoy the site!

(c) @U2, 2016.