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Six months ago, ATU2.com went dark after twenty-five years of providing news, community, and information for fellow U2 fans. When ATU2.com went offline, so did the massive Tours database, which had begun independently as U2TOURS.com in 2000 and was rolled into ATU2.com in 2015. We were disappointed when all of the work verifying setlists, identifying snippets, and mapping venue locations went offline so we worked with ATU2.com founder Matt McGee to find a way to bring it back.

We are happy to announce that U2TOURS.com has been rolled back out of ATU2.com and is back online! It is staffed by ATU2.com alumni Brian Betteridge, Ross Perry, and John Cropp and is operated in memory of our friend and colleague Aaron Govern. The site also honors everyone who created and contributed to the site over the years. 

With our new, remastered site come a few changes. First, we have removed all the text based media (newspaper) concert reviews and replaced them with actual embedded clippings for each show possible. Go back in time with around 1,000 actual newspaper reviews, articles and photos covering U2’s entire career. Check out this show at Justin Herman Plaza for an example. We’ve also added a brand new “Opening Set” feature that lists songs a member of U2 performed before their set, like this show in which Bono joined opener Lone Justice for a performance of “Sweet Jane.” Or every show opened by The Daltons. Fans will also note the new “Quick Search” field at the top of each page. If you’re looking for something specific, type it in and see what you get! 

We are also happy to share that all user profiles from AtU2 Tours have been retained and are still functional! If you had a user account for the old AtU2 Tours site, your account is still active and your profile is intact. But of course, if you run into any issues please email us at news@u2tours.com.

Finally, we’ve made sure that we’re completely up-to-date, including the most recent appearance of Bono and The Edge on The Late Late Show, and a few little updates to some early setlists. As usual, we will be continuing to update early shows as more information becomes available.

With a commitment to accuracy, completeness, and timeliness, U2TOURS.com is back to document U2 performances past, present, and future.

We are proud to rejoin the robust U2 online community and look forward meeting you in the sound in the years to come! Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@U2Tours) for more.