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by BF

The same show as Monday night, and yet a different show than Monday night, if that makes any sense.

The set list was essentially the same, however they didn't play "In A Little While" or "Fast Cars" tonight. Instead, we got a super-extended version of "Bad", featuring guest guitars by none other than Daniel Lanois!!! Not a bad 'substitute' song at all! It absolutely ROCKED.

Overall, the set was considerably shorter than Monday ... it was finished just a shade before 11 P.M., and on Monday they were on stage til at least 11:20.

Bono was less chatty tonight, too; no talk about the Toronto Film Festival, no talk about Hurricane Katrina. He did retell the story about The Edge being "from the future", but he added to it tonight by saying the Edge came down in a spaceship when they were in high school, and when Larry asked him what the future was like, he said, "better." :) (This was just before "Miracle Drug", which I think likely has special significance for Edge -- Bono sort of alluded to that when he thanked us for being patient because this tour "nearly didn't happen".) Anyway, "Miracle Drug" was especially sad and beautiful tonight.

Speaking of sad and beautiful, anyone who has lost a parent can't help but be moved when Bono sings the "don't leave me here alone" line in "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" (dedicated to his father, naturally). I didn't notice on Monday night, but tonight, he mimed carrying his father's coffin back along the catwalk at the end of the song. It was heartbreaking!

From sadness to joy -- the coolest part of the night, I think, was when Bono pulled a real, live belly dancer up on stage from the audience! He was looking for her during "With or Without You" but couldn't find her (he kept asking "where's the girl who is dressed up?"). Then during "Bad", he spotted her, and knelt down to sing to her, holding her hand. As if that weren't enough, he came back to her later in the song, and said "It's the wrong song, but ..." and pulled her up on stage with him. To her credit, she was an awesome dancer, and looked fantastic in her costume, and wasn't shy at all! She grooved along beside him like she was born to do it, and the crowd cheered and clapped the whole time.

Again, "Streets" was dazzling, with yet another minutes-long thunderous ovation and screaming to close it out. There's just something about that song live in particular that really strikes a chord with fans (awesome Joshua Tree tour memories for me, personally!), and it's really a highlight of any show, as was "Miss Sarajevo" tonight. Great stuff.

The crowd wasn't dancing and moving along as much as I thought they would be, but it's a mid-week show, so I guess they can be forgiven for that. ;)

I was thrilled to be sitting much closer tonight than I was on Monday, though I was cursing myself that I didn't bring my camera -- I would have had some awesome shots!

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