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by Melissa J

First of all, Dashboard Confessional, I dont know them, I dont know their songs, but I kinda felt sorry for them, they practically palyed to an empty house, so I tried to stay for a while, and then left for the bar..Wish for Arcade Fire, lucky Montreal!

Then U2.. This was one of the best shows Ive ever attended!! U2 were on fire.. High energy from Edge, Adam, Bono, and Larry.. I dont think the audience was quiet at all!! Where I was standing, (fanclub seats, sec 116) there were dancing, playing air guitar, the loudest screams ever!! It was very hard to hear Bono sometimes..Bonos voice was sometimes croaky during Sometimes,, and he missed his cue on the second for verse of ABOY, to get some water..but other than that hes just great, great singer and performer..Some things I remember Bonos cute story about Edge coming from the future and completely different planet and a spaceship at school at the start of MD.. And Bono when he was blindfolded during Bullet had to be guided back to his mic with help of a roadie (his cousin A.J. maybe)..

I thought Miracle Drug and Miss Sarajevo was the weakest songs in the set, but the rest just perfect. Then Bad as the closer!!! Just amazing..and that song was over 10 minutes!! And having Danny Lanois on stage jamming with band..was just the icing on the cake.. Very looking forward to Sept. 17th!!!!! Thanks U2 for letting me visit "Planet Edge" ! and to U2.com for best seats I ever had!!

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