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by Mark

I was left literally speechless after this show. I had never been to a U2 show prior to this one, so I didn't really know what to expect. I knew that I would be in for probably the best concert that I have ever seen to date, but I was'nt expecting what I saw. I can honestly say that the boys proved on Wednesday night why they are considered one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

Ever since this tour began back in March I have checked the U2 website and this website religiously, looking for any new info, rumours, or concert details that I could find. I'm finally glad that I have something to contribute for others to read.

I was very, very, very, fortunate to be one of a few lucky people to get access into the elipse. I couldn't think of a more amazing place to watch my very first U2 show from. My friend and I were less than 5 ft. away from Bono and The Edge at some times.

The entire show as a whole was amazing! There was not a single song throughout the entire show that I wasn't singing along too. I would agree with most people that the crowd just didn't seem to be in to the concert at some points of the show.

The highlights of the night for me would definately all the songs from The Joshua Tree. That album was one of the first rock albums I ever listened to. Just the first few chords from Streets when played by the Edge sent shivers up my spine.

I only hope that I get the chance to experience what I experienced on Wednesday night again in my lifetime.

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