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by AJC

Alright, so I was at the concert, and it has taken me a few days to put things into words.
the show was great, amazing, and awesome.
However.... I was in the ellipse, and front row. So my experience is a bit different from others.
This Tour is fairly the same as the last. With the exception of a different set list. Bono was very playful, and energetic. But started to show fatigue mid way through, and the expressions on his looked dissappointed cause his voice was not all there. Hence the failure of his ooooooos in with or without you. He did forget the lyrics in Yaweh.
Speaking of WOWY, the band had a difficult time starting, and had to restart. Larry apparently found Adam's bass intro too fast. Bono would get frustrated and embarrassed when he can't find the girl he is looking for. So.... he ends the song, instead of doing the extended ending.
Where the streets have no names, was amazing, and Bono showed that in his face, and when he walked off saying "WOW."

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