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by joe butscher

I am free of the ZOO! The show in Milwaukee (9/25/05)were U2 celebrated their 29 years together was beyound any expectation I had.
I went through the day wishing for the U2 of 1987! But time doesn't stand still for anyone.
Even the group had a senior moment. When
Bono asked the 19,000 plus to give them a minute to figure out a song ". U2 dismanteled my cynical attitude with powerful tenor like rendition of One. Hearing generations coming together in high volume singing a clasic like
Pride, (In the Name of Love). There is an imtamacy, honesty, and character to this group that rang true all evening.

I wanted to relive my highschool days with songs from Boy, October you get the picture..
But I sold the group short. They belted out songs and unified the masses much like they do behind there beliefs and values. They said it was ok if the audience didn't know the songs which were from the Album Boy and most didn't.

The experience of throwing my pretentions away with Vertigo, to getting religous (need to get to church) in I Still Haven't found What I'm looking for". And ended with 40!!! I think we all kept singing "how long" all the way home.

We know the melodies, lyrics and history but to experience U2 live (even in Milwaukee) will satisfy this fan for life.
Thanks and please make it another 29!

Kindest Regards,


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