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by dre

Just got back from the final Toronto show. What a fantastic finale! Bono seemed very playful and animated throughout the show - there were a lot of light moments ("time to have a drink of water! ok!") The encore with a throwback to POP was great - Discotheque ROCKED!! Eddie Vedder joined the lads on stage to sing a bit of old man river (gotta say, our man sounded a bit better!) I am so thankful that I was able to get into this show as I showed up sans tickets at 4pm! My section had some "sitters" as well as an annoyingly drunk dude who thought it would be amusing? to bellow out the declaration of human rights. classy. But overall the crowd was really into it - much more than Wednesday. Is there anything better or anywhere you would rather be than when U2 plays Streets? It is the divine here on earth. Cheers all. Here's to December in Buffalo!

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