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by Melissa J

I thought the audience this time was passive! Bono had to encouraged a lot of clapping; sing a- alongs, and jumping. Maybe because this was not a pre-sale show, not a lot of die-hards. Especially in my section, (111), they sitting down, they were kissing/making out with their partners! (Well I guess U2s music is a big turn on lol)...Sometimes I wished people would concentrate on the show than thinking about their next beer break.

But the guys gave out another amazing performance. Another full-energy show. Bono was really sweating there. It was really hot in there. He was drinking lot water, threw water on to the audience (maybe to wake them up). And he didnt bring anyone up from the audience. I thought Vertigo was a better opening than Blinding Lights, but it was good anyways. Strong performances during Electric Co., Miracle Drug (which Bono dictated to the nurses of Torontos Childrens Hospital), Sometimes, (Bono hit the opera part this time, wonderful, then he mime carrying his dads casket, singing Dirty Old town I think). Love and Peace, Sunday, Bullet..Pride, Streets..etc.. just wonderful..I went crazy when our hometown boy Danny Lanois played the Irish Falcon during One, then Eddie Vedder came on! Sang Ol Man River with Bono!! THAT WAS AMAZING! And yeah then came the POP encore! It started with the POP graphics (reminded of Popmart Skydome 97), Popmusic played and I thought they were going to played Mofo, but it was Discotheque (with the disco lights) I am not fan of POP, but it was cool..Fast Cars, great drumming from Larry. Edge had some guitar problems during With or Without You, and with the start of Yahweh, and Bono dictated this song to Willie Williams and said something that this was his last show and he was leaving the tour, maybe for good. I thought that was a little sad to hear, I hope nothing serious is happening with him and hell be okay. 40, I never hear the full song live before, with Bono and his handheld spotlight and it just great performance from the guys.

Overall the guys delivered an amazing, powerful show. But some of the audience was not into it and I hope this does not discourage the guys of doing another four nighter in Toronto next time. Thanks U2 for the great week I had and its really going take some time before I come back to Earth after visiting Planet Edge this week!! Have fun the rest of the 3rd legers!

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