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by Joshua

i dont know what to say .... it was my first u2 show.. im only 16 but.. ive seen over 50 bands and i pretty much know wut a good bad is and u2 in concert is like a spirtual event.. never hav i heard people from the top rows near the roof singing and dancing just as loud and hard as the people on the floor.. now dont get me rong i knew u2 is the best band of all time ... just ask my parents who named me after the best album ever..Joshua tree... lol....
Hightlights of the night was for me .. streets..
to the guitar intro that gives u chills and to the applause that shook the rafters for five min. after the song.. u2 seemed confused like why r u guys so excited but i think deep down they know miami's got mad love for them...
bad wus the closer ...one of the best live songs ive ever heard...with or without seemed to b the crowd pleaser ..making everyones throat hurt after singing so loud and almost putting me to tears of happiness...
another crowd pleaser wut deff. the old stuff...electric.co and i will follow
great nite cannot wait till they come bak ..

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