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by Pla

I'm one of those LUCKY LUCKY people that got to meet Bono and The Edge outside before the show. I have the whole thing on video. Edge kept telling us to chant "Where the Streets Have No Name!" and then led is a chorus of "Bono! Bono! Bono! Bono!" Bono was interviewing some people down the way, and I think a news crew was there as well.
The show was amazing. I had nosebleed seats but the screens were right in front of me. The atmosphere was amazing. I usually give Miami a bad rap about U2, because they aren't played on the radio, but we have some hard core fans living here.
At one point Bono got frustrated with our hooting and clapping that he said: "Now I know why you call it the American Airlines Arena! Cause it sounds like a f***ing 747 in here!"
I was completely shocked with Original of the Species. Bono introduced it as "The Best Song on the Album."
The only thing that peeved me was that we had no '40' to chant after it was over. So the crowd decided on chanting the chorus to 'Bad' over and over.
I love this band!

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