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by tofubeast

Miami 1 "a great U2 show" Miami 2 "a religous experience" I thought Miami 1 was more of a traditional/basic Vertigo show. Don't get me wrong, it was fun, but I knew they were holding back. I just felt that something special was going to happen the next night. And boy am I happy that such was the case. Miami 2 was just magical. The audience was SO loud and they inspired the band to push further and give back even more. I would say the audience was as loud if not louder than a show in Boston! And for those who have been to Boston shows, you know that says a lot! I believe it was "Streets" that almost made the roof of the AA Arena blow off. The band seemed almost a little shy about all the cheers, but in the end, they just stopped and enjoyed the well earned applause. Bono commented that it was apt that this place was called the American Airlines arena, because this place was like a "f'ng 747"! The band was all smiles throughout the rest of the night. "Miracle Drug" was dropped tonight and "Original of the Species" was played instead. Bono commented that it was his favorite song on the album. I nearly died when Bono and Edge performed an acoustic version of "Walk On." It was beautiful..no other words can describe it. The crowd was chanting "walk on" with Bono at the end. After seeing this non-acoustic on the Elevation tour, it was nice to hear it unplugged. And they ended the night with "Bad"...what a closer. I love how Bono can't remember all the rhyming "tion" words at the end..so he repeats some of the same words all the time. Meanwhile the audience is singing along to the album version. hehe. And that ended a couple of great shows in Miami. Out of 17 shows I have seen U2 play, Miami 2 ranks pretty much at the top. It was just one of those nights. As Simon Cowell would says on American Idol, our boys just had the "it factor." (I am going to try and post some pictures on here) If it doesn't work, write me an email and I can send you a link to my snapfish account. Just write me that you are responding to my u2tours review.)

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