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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Patty

THERE IS ONLY ONE WORD THAT CAN DESCRIBE SUCH A SPECIAL NIGHT.... AMAZING!!!! this experience was so incredible. The AA arena was on fire everyone was so excited and they wouldn't stop not even for a second. For me it was so incredible who every single person in that arena was united for one soul reason. U2! it was amazing it was like connecting with thousands of people you did not even need to know their name all you needed to know was that you had a connection U2. The smile on everyones face was just from ear to ear. Bono, I think was amazed to see that we wouldnt stop screaming and cheering. Every song was incredible. Lights were great. When the concert was over everyone had U2 playing in their cars and singing. The impact they have is great. IF you havent had the chance to see them live. FIND IT! you can not miss this! I wish I could go again and again.. its a great memory that i will for ever remember. thank you U2 for coming!

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