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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by TJ

I went to both shows in Miami and the 2nd show was on fire...Band fed off crowd...Crowd fed off the band...I had sat to the side of the stage..The Edge side of course....No offense Adam...And The Edge was Awesome with a Capital A...The other members were great don't get me wrong but there is nothing like The Edge jamming away and looking so electric..Now I must admit I'm not a big Fly fan but that was the best version I'v heard of The Fly by far...The band huddled around Larry to close out the Fly and Larry did not dissapoint...I could give detailed account on every song....Each song had there own power...After the boys finished with Streets the place just exploded and even Bono mentioned it sounded like a 747 was flying through...Walk On acoustic,BAD with power to the people...On and on I could go....By now you got the point....really only needed to write one word....AWESOME....And I still have heard my fav on the new ab Crumbs once and that was in Boston....Here's hopin I will hear it again....Next Stop NYC for 2 shows....12 down and 6 to go.....Crumbs Campaign Continues...I might not have as many members as the One Campaign....That's alright that is a more mightier cause and thanks boys for fighting for what you beleive in..

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