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by ck

My fifth and final show of the Vertigo Tour. What a way to end the tour for me. After being in the first three shows in Boston in the first leg, I wasnt expecting something better in the Miami shows, but I was wrong. The energy that the band brought was unbelievable.

I had a GA ticket and I was alone. I arrived the arena at 7:45 pm and there were no people in line. I tried to persue two couples to try to get in the ellipse as a group but they didnt understand and a couple even got mad at me. So I just went in because I knew my chances to get to the ellipse were almost to impossible. My ticket was scanned and got into the ellipse for the second straight night, I couldnt believe it. There were a couple of girls behind me that I didnt know but I brought them to the ellipse. They didnt know what was going on, because they had no idea about the ellipse. When we got inside they almost fainted. It was great to share that experience to be in the ellipse for the first time with other people, and made me remember my first time in the heart in the elevation tour.

Because I was alone I was moving all the time inside the ellipse. It had at least 60-70 more people than the day before. Security inside of the ellipse was null on this show, compared to the night before when for the first time I saw staff checking for people without the wristband and making people to stop smoking. This night people bribed their way into the ellipse. Even a person who had no GA ticket, with $60 bucks got to the ellipse.

The Miami crowd was just amazing. I went to the first two elevations shows in Miami and they werent very loud, so this took me by surprise. After Streets people went nuts. It was like two minutes of constant standing ovation that Bono didnt know how to stop it, and every second was getting louder and louder, just amazing. Bono even said at one point that they wont forget that night.

I liked the setlist better than the night before. I will follow was amazing, and the complete version of orginal of the species also. It was great to see the fly again, and bad as a closer, you couldnt ask for more.

The Vertigo tour for me was just amazing. After 5 shows, 4 inside of the ellipse (very lucky) I can said that I like this tour better than elevation. Its amazing that as they get older they are bringing more energy to the shows. Thanks U2 I hope to see them again not in a distant future. Thanks fuser for sharing the amazing experience of the vertigo tour!

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