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by ScooterXX&

What a great show. I got tickets at the last second, for me and my father and this is easily the best concert I've been to in a long time. We were just feet away from the "ellipse", and our section would crazy when Edge or Bono walked on by. The show started off with City of Blidning Lights. Just before that, the lights were off as the roadies and other folks set up the stage, and while they were doing that, Bono must have somehow slipped into the other end of the ellipse. No one noticed him, atleast I didn't. That was, until Edge started playing and the lights came on.

There were many beautiful, as well as rocking moments through out the show. One of the "touching" moments came in With or Without you, when Bono brought on a young women from the audience, and just sang the whole song hugging her. There was also when all the lights were turned down and Bono told us to take our cell phones and hold them in the air. The whole arena was just a sea of blue cell phone lights. I thought it was awesome how at the end of Pride, the band stopped playing and the whole arena of fans, including myself finished off the song with the "Oh Oooh Oooh Oh". One was great, as the finisher.

Then there were the rocking moments, where everyone was up on their feet, dancing or shouting. This was for mostly the first half of the concert, when Vertigo, Elevation, Beautiful Day, and my favorite Sunday Bloody Sunday were performed. (And SBS ended with a short U2 cover of Rock The Casbah. I wasn't expecting that!)

The encore was highlighted with a few songs. My favorites were the accoustic version of Walk On, and then the finisher, Bad. U2 put on a show so that was so great, that people left the arena still dancing and singing. Bono, Edge, Larry, and Adam put on a show for the ages. To sum up, the concert and how wild it was, I'll just paraphrase a quote from Bono:

"They call this place the American Airlines Arena, because it sounds like a ****ing 747 in here!"

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