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by Stewart Matthews

Well, it's the day after Belfast's biggest ever concert and what can I say - it was fantastic. I've been following the tour on the net and it lived up to my expectations. I still can't quite believe that they came to Belfast! On my way from work to the concert I was passed by the band in their limos in a police escort. They seemed to be here too - Bono thanked Belfast for welcoming them in where their own town didn't (a reference to the court cases surrounding the Dublin shows).

The set list was standard with Suspicious Minds as the karaoke, Stand by Me after ISHFWILF and Unchained Melody after One. The sound seemed a bit rough for the first 2 songs but sounded great from Gone onwards. During Last Night on Earth, Bono disappeared into the audience and UTEOTW started while he was still there - he just got back for a mic in time for the opening lyric. Edge dedicated the karaoke ("not a rebel song, an Elvis song") to a list of names that we later worked out to be politicians connected with the peace process (we can't get on together with suspicious minds ?!?!). During Miami, Bono pulled out 2 girls and had a hat and cigar for each. During Bullet, a plane flew through the point where the spotlights converged in the sky - very cool! Please was stunning - including more references (I think) to the peace talks. And the lemon! It was unbelievable - I'd read all about it but it still took my breath away. One was the perfect way to end the show - "It's good to be One, but perhaps more important to respect differences" said Bono as he started the song.

A great night that went very smoothly. Roll on Dublin - I'm going on Saturday and want to see if it can match Belfast!

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