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by Friedhelm Grasser

U2 Pop-Mart Tour Belfast Botanic Gardens 8/26/1997:It was the first time in 10 years, that U2 took the stage in Belfast.
I travelled around in Ireland with a friend for just one week.
We decided to buy tickets for the gig and so we arrived in Belfast on tuesday morning.
It seemed, that the whole city was celebrating this day.
Big party time everywhere in the streets around Botanic Gardens.
It was easy to enter the concert area. The fans were very disciplined.
I found myself again immediate in front of the B-stage.
The set was nearly the same like the german gigs. It was louder and more emotional
with a 'What is this like? Here we are and here you are. Belfast, Belfast, Belfast !!!' of Bono after MOFO.
The highpoint was during 'BULLET THE BLUE SKY' when a sport-plane came around and crossed the
center of the 16 spots 1km above the crowd.
I think it must have been one of the best shows U2 ever did.

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