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by cal

wow, what to say after such a day...sitting in the pouring rain for hours. i think my girl and i were the only two people who never moved from underneath our umbrellas the whole drenched afternoon. being a total u2 geek, i had these high hopes that we'd be hearing a rarity or two on this last night before a week-long break. what i didn't expect was to be chosen to get into the bomb shelter! being ten feet from the stage was an experience...unlike any other. it was my eighth u2 show, third and unfortunately last of the year (unless i win the lottery). it's so impossible to try and pick your favorite u2 show, isn't it? final night of chicago in june probably takes it, but the first half of the milwaukee show was so high-energy, so emotionally charged and powerful that i think it zapped me of all my stamina. after bono belted out "miss sarajevo" i almost felt like i could collapse. never thought he could actually nail it like that, even though i'd heard a recording of it from amsterdam. i don't know if the band was as exhausted as i was from then on, but few experiences have lifted me to such heights. a show like that leaves me feeling simultaneously uplifted spiritually and empty, knowing i ought to be doing more important things with my life. and day-to-day life lies somewhere in between those two extremes. it is better to reach the heights and the lows. thank you to u2 for helping us all to do so again and again.

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