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by Jake

Like many of you, I bought my tickets in April. I was ready. Having caught them in Atlanta, I simply couldn't wait. I've followed the tour through boots since it started. Hard to believe its winding down. You would never know it though with the energy the band exhuded. The fans had some energy as well.

I was "1" in line and in charge of setting the list up and telling everyone basically what the deal was if they didnt know. Met some great, great people, great people in line. The time in line really flies, the last hour sucked as the temperature dropped dramatically and was accompanied with rain and a nice breeze.

When we got in there was a bit of a snafu, but all in my group got in. Two peopl in my group got into the ellipse, but i was ok with that. I had my sweet spot on the rail, dead center from Bono's entrance. My god, Bono and Adam in front of me during Streets. Bono in front of me during Love and Peace or Else and Yahweh. Bono reading my sign during Streets and flashing me that "raised eyebrow smile" we all know.

As soon as City started, the night was on. I was so amazed with the energy, definitely topping Atlanta(and other shows so i've read). Edge was jumping and smiling and laughing, Bono was Bonox10, Larry was smiling, singing during songs which he wasn't mic'd, Adam was our wonderful Vertigo//05 Adam doing his new thing. He was really jamming to Bullet. Speaking of Bullet, Edge really did that solo, it lasted forever so it seemed. Miss Sarajevo was the best I've heard out of the 8 performances of it i have heard. Just stunning.

It was great to hear Gloria, i feel privileged to have heard it. It's one of those songs Im sure most of us never thought we'd hear in this decade, oh man to be able to sing with bono "...2,3,4!" Until the End of the World was fantastic, they are totally reinventing that song and finding a new edge to it. It will kick your ass. The moment with Dana on stage during Mysterious Ways and With Or Without You was special, im glad you got to do that. Interesting that Original has been changed up again, im glad i got to see it with Edge on guitar and the Face visuals in Atlanta. It sounds good though still, duh. Would have loved to have seen Miracle Drug, but oh well. I am blessed. I love the best band in the world, i made friends with the best fans in the world. We are lucky to have a band like this. We are spoiled. I saw a sign or maybe a review that summed it up: "U2, Thanks for giving us a great life". Indeed, that feeling is mutual.

Peace. Lots of pics to follow. stay tuned.

"we're just getting started"....and i believe him

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