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by Skillet

Let me start by saying that I went to this show not excited about Nelly Furtado being the opening act. I like her current single, but figured she was a one-hit-wonder. Having said that, get off your arse and go buy her cd! This girl rocked.
Now to the matter at hand.
The show was all around awesome. The crowd was really into it. I really liked they way that just came out under house lights and started playing. The stage seemed quite simple before the show started. But once it got going (halfway through Elevation) it was on! Not gonna give out details of what all the stage was hiding from us, but you won't be disappointed. The set list was short, about 19 songs. But the band belted them out in great style. "End of the world" was by far the best. Although "streets" really got the crowd going. "Bad" was simply...unbelievable. Bono started this song off by saying "This song is about addiction, what ever you've got, I hope you break it" Or something very close to that. :)
Bono really played the crowd well. At one point he was "crowd walking" at the tip of the heart. Edge was really on tonight. And he seemed to stay out on the outer heart a lot more than he had in the first 2 shows. The screens showing the band in black and white were awesome. It added a really nice touch to the show.
The only disappointment in this show to me was...
they were playing a lot of the songs over music that was already playing. Nothing new, but it seemed to throw them off every now and then. At times I could even see Larry just sitting there and drums were playing well into a song. (New York, With or With Out You)Bono's mic seemed to be having problems all night. Giving him alot of feedback and cutting out. But he worked through it. The best seats in the house, IMHO, have got to be OUTSIDE the heart. If you have GA's, get around the tip of the heart on the outside. You can see everything from there and Bono seemed to hang out in this area quite a bit.
All in all, a very good show. A litte short. But worth the money.
Now go buy that Nelly cd!


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