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by Nikki

well, if you read jims/jason's review, yes it was very cold and wet waiting for 4 hours to get inside the heart, but a little spiked gatorade helped, right boys? ;-)

i cannot more strongly recommend getting there early to get inside the heart. it is simply amazing to see the show from there. there's plenty of room in the back, and bono is a wild man on the catwalk. at one point, he ran around the heart twice and immediately started singing; hardly taking a breath.

i didn't see this mentioned: when he was introducing the band, he seemed a little bit peeved because adam did not come out to the tip of the heart to join he and larry. bono said, "hey, where you going, come out here." but adam kept walking away.

he introduced edge as "crouching tiger, hidden presbyterian." hee.

another thing i didn't see mentioned: at the end of "one", bono said good night and thanks and started to walk off stage. edge grabbed him and whispered that they had one more song to do. bono seemed a bit disoriented, but came back to the mic and said, "sorry, one more song." during "walk on", he didn't seem all there. his eyes kept wandering to the upper decks of the arena, noticing that most people were not moving or singing along. he seemed a bit perturbed and bewildered. as soon as the song was over, he immediately ran off stage while the others came to the front to wave and say good night.

overall: out of the 20 or 21 (i can't remember) shows i've seen, this ranks up there at the top. not because of the setlist (not one of my favorites), or the stage design, but simply because the band was so into it. until the final song, bono looked like he was having the best time of his life.

highlight: the old school effect of bullet the blue sky.

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