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by Dave

Hi! I'm a long time U2 fan and a veteran of ZooTV and PopMart shows. The Charlotte show was fantastic...except for the fact that anything i would say specifically has already been said with regard to the florida shows. That's my point- the shows are cookie-cutter carbon copies of each other. As a longtime fan, I realize this is not news, nor do I want to come across as negative. But fact is fact, and I know I speak for a lot of us out there who long for the day when any hint of spontaneity or originality is even remotely present. For a long time I've wondered a) aren't Bono and Edge tired of the bullfighter routine after three tours and hundreds of shows? b) isn't Bono tired of the one-line "Ruby Tuesday" cover after 5 tours and almost 500 shows? c) is Larry Mullen, Jr. a robot?
I know this sounds harsh, but I love the band and would love to interact with other hardcore fans who are a little disappointed with the monotonous predictable sets. The show itself was wonderful...the only problem is I'm going back to the show in Atlanta tonite and well...you know.
For the casual fan going to one show- forget everything I just wrote.

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