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by Lorna

This is the first U2 concert I've ever attended and I want to say that it was the GREATEST thing I have ever experinced. I got to go with a very good friend of mine who is a major fan and has introduced me to most of what I know about the band. We had tickets for an outer section, but ended up down inside of the heart with the blue arm bands. The entire show was just wonderful and being so close to them for a first timer of 19 was even better. I loved the light work and it was amazing to see exactly how many diffrent guitars The Edge actually uses. It took a few minutes to figure out what the designs were that were displayed in the lights, but they all had meanings. The screens and the images were a great touch. Not that Bono couldn't keep everyone entertained on his own just running around. He took a rose from someone near us with his mouth which was cool. I think it's great the way they interacted with the audience. Other concerts (by diffrent bands of course) I've been to was more of a play the music and get out event. Not so with this concert. The guys were really into the audience and that made the experience even more special. The general mood of the audience seemed to be very loving, excited, and emotionally charged. We were getting to see what has to be the greatest band of all time play our favorite songs of all time. It was great and I must thank Larry, Adam, Bono, and The Edge for giving me a memory that I will never ever forget. THANKS GUYS!!!

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