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by Stranger Spirit

As a HUGE fan of U2, I really loved the show. As a producer and musician in the RTP area, I thought the show was really rough compared to audio clips and descriptions of other shows I've seen.

First of all, what happened to I Will Follow, Discotheque, 11'oclockticktock and a few others that have been played at all the other shows except this one? Kinda felt ripped off (a little bit)

The uncomfortable looking apology from Bono for cancelling their Popmart date in Raleigh was nice to hear (I had 7th row seats!!!) and it was great that he was so humble with the audience.

It seemed like Adam was supposed to come to the end of the walkway and didn't want to. "Huston, we have a problem!" Bono said, and the Edge just kinda nodded. The group of people I went to the show with got the impression that Adam was upset at Bono or just wanting to fade into the background. It made us worry a bit about how long Adam is going to stick with the group. Just fan paranoia I guess.

High points for the crowd

1- Where the Streets have no name
2- Bad
3- One
4- Mysterious Ways
5- The Fly

Dead silence from the crowd.

1. New York (cool backdrop effects, but just left everybody bored)
2. The Ground . .. Her feet (why do they play this one live???)
3. Every time Bono laid down and looked tired
4. Sunday Bloody Sunday (but only when Bono screwed up the words!)

A great show, even though it sounds like I'm bashing it. Overall it just seemed like Bono was really tired and they didn't care so much about a NC town as they did other more important places.

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