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by David Lemon

Alright, so was this show good? Yes it was? Did people leave feeling ripped off? I'm sure those who spent $130 and $85 on tickets for a concert with only 20 songs that barely lasted an 1hr 50mins were disappointed. I kinda was and I had GA tickets.

Here is a tip for those who are going to be on the floor for upcoming shows. DON'T go in the heart if you get there early enough, especially if you're shorter than 5'6". We got there early, checked out the inside and decided you could see everything much better if you are on the outside near the tip of the catwalk. Make sure you're in the first row up against the barrier. It's great,no heads to look over and you can see them on the stage head to toe.

Nelly Furtado was lousy. The only song I liked was the one she played the guitar on. But in all fairness she was replacing PJ Harvey who is incredible. At least we didn't have to listen to the Corrs.
GooooOOO On.... Blah.

I can't believe how short the show was. They dumped Discotheque and Gone!!! But they played New York which I think is the most boring and worst song (after Grace) on the new album. Bono thinks New York is full of religious fanatics? Wait a minute, isn't he from Ireland and oh yeah, NY usually doesn't get "well into the hundreds." Why do they have to play Staring at the Sun and TGBHF acoustic (or at all)? Bullet the Blue Sky again!!! Ahh, look how incredible the setlists are now twenty dates into the tour.

But enough complaints because there were some really wonderful moments in the show. UTEOTW was a great third song. Is there any question that Edge is the brain and talent behind U2? I don't think so. What ever happened to Bono's lyrics? "A mole digging in a hole, digging up my soul, going down, excavation..." Ouch.

Sunday Bloody Sunday was so good and I loved hearing it stretched out to almost seven minutes. Did they lower the key so Bono could sing the higher parts? In a Little While was beautiful as well with Bono's best falsetto of the night by far. But I think the best song of the night was Bad. It rocked!!!

Everything else sounded good. I'm so glad that these guys are still out playing and writing good music. I just wish we had gotten the same show that everyone else has on this tour. Maybe they'll come back and give us that outdoor stadium concert they still owe us in the fall. I hope they do.

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