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by Landsbury N. Newhart

I recently attended a concert at the Casino Ballroom with my son, aged 14 - I am now 48. I now remember that my old boyfriend, Brad Tenzer, took me to see U2 at the show in 1981. I can't believe I saw U2 here and I forgot!

Things I remember from the show, vividly... an enormous version of Electric Co. - Bono ran around the room when the band got to the ending section. I also recall The Edge's girlfriend at the time being in the crowd towards the front and he gave her his wallet for her to get him a beer - didn't the venue pay for that stuff? Weird. One more thing I remember is that Paul McGuinness was young, thin, and dashing. They should invite him up to sing a song with them some time.

Great show! I am so darn old.

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