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by Kathy

I am in a U2-phoric state after last nights show at CAA. This show was much better than Sunday at MSG. Although the set list was identical, the sound from across from the stage in the Propaganda ticket holders section was so much better than at MSG. Not sure if I can say that the crowd was as energenic but I didn't manage to sit down for over 2 hours!
Again a mix of old and new material weaved and incredible collection of songs that made this experience magical! The highlights for me again were Kite, Streets, The Fly, In A Little While, Elevation, and Pride.I still get an electric feeling hearing the opening intro to Streets.Funny how Bono forgot the words to Stay we all had a good laugh about that. Guess he has "Senior Moments" even at the young age of forty-one.
If I had it to do over again I might try the GA tickets because it seemed like that was where all the energy of the show was and much cheaper. I hope they do take another swing through the US in the fall. Everytime I see them live I feel like I did the first time a young teenager finding musical identity.
All in all another great evening of Rock and Roll from the Larry, Bono, Adam and Edge.
Thanks for all the music, the great live performances for taking the time to sign all the autographs and taking up the political causes. Bono said "Thanks for giving us such a great life" No thanks necessary, thank you for adding to the musical soundtrack of my life.
Did anyone catch Bono on Charlie Rose last night? Of course I had to watch it on tape before I went to bed last night.He spoke mostly about his work with Jubilee 2000 it is worth seeing.
Stop and Smell the flowers...Life should be fragrant

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