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by maria

Last night was a great U2 concert by all means--one of their best--how could it not be with a perfect balance of old and new songs and they most definitely had the energy and Bono, as always, took time to connect with the audience---They were AMAZING once again! As Bono said "this week has been one of those weeks were everything has gone as the music dictates it"
I was pleasantly awed by how my expectations bad been surpassed on Sunday and I must say the second time around was very gratifying.

Although I must say that though the song selections were exactly the same as the Sunday MSG show, the crowd didn't come close to having the energy of the NY crowd.

I truly do not mind hearing the same songs twice (although I wish I would have gotten to see New Years Day live again as did the Tues crowd) but I was amazed how laid back this NJ crowd was--not all of us (I sang to every song and danced the entire time as did some around me)--but enough to make a difference. People fail to realize that what makes a concert happen is the give and take between the band and the audience. It seemed like the floor had good energy but the seats were not as pumped as in NY and I feel that affected my experience...Anyway I am not complaining one bit I heard all (well 98%) of the songs I wanted to hear and completely enjoyed both of my U2 nights...I will wait anxiously for a FALL return from one of the GREATEST ROCK BANDS IN THE WORLD. I am soooo happy that U2 is back with the old-style music and the politically charged messages that makes them stand out above all the rest. I thank U2 for being so gracious and for filling my life with such wonderful music and spiritual experiences I will follow forever....Oh yeah the heart shaped set was a brilliant idea and the t-shirt designs were pretty cool tooIf you did not get to see them this time around YOU MUST go in the Fall...I do recommend you aim for MSG over CAA (as the building itself was better ventilated and had better acoustics).


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