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by alejandra

Where to begin? We waited, totally unprepared, for 27 hours. All our arragements for the concert were thrown to the wastebasket once my friend , Roar (a kiss to U)gave me a call from the stadium telling me to run there, since people had started lining up already. So in our summer clothes we spend a very cold and long night. Once in the stadium 15 hours later and already in the coveted Golden Circle our sufferings continued: either you went to the restrooms and lose your golden spot or you prayed so that your urinary system would cooperate. All in all, cold, heat, starvation, tireness, sleep deprivation,paying for the most expensive tickets of the entire the tour and pains in general,ALL was forgotten in a fraction of a second when the Everyone call started. It was all worth it. The music was mesmerizing. The crowd can only be described as CHILEAN ie The best in the world (sorry, but i am just so excited). U see, Our country has just so few opportunities to see U2 that it turns to be a spiritual experience for us. Even our president was there singing along. Honestly they could have played "happy birthday" and we would have been happy. But the show was one of the best i have seen. Bono was his usual self, although small, HUGE (specially during Miss sarajevo, song that i don`t even like). Edge was a master even when playing the Charango and Larry even smiled a couple of times and drank champagne. However The BEST parts of the show proved only one thing: Adam REALLY likes Chile. I had the divine pleasure to be on the right side of the GC and he was half the show. That man was on FIRE. He walked 6 or 7 times through the catwalk, smiled and winked the entire show, waved and blew kisses,reached and touched us and even danced for the crowd. May i just say i now know for a fact Chile REALLLLLLY likes Adam too. so ...


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