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by EB

Had a great time in Atlanta last night watching the boys belt out the tunes at the U2 360 show. I read a lot of reviews over the past month here at U2tours, which helped me get excited to go to the show. Of course reviews are so subjective, some folks have the greatest show of their life while others aren't that impressed. So I can only give you a glimpse of what it was like from my vantage point. But having only been to 1 other U2 show I don't have much to compare it to.

Positive: Visually the show was very impressive. The claw is absolutely huge, and is a pretty cool concept. We sat in section 302 in the 1st row and I thought we were able to get a great view (for the money). As usual the light show they put on is incredible. Sound quality was pretty good and I thought Bono's voice was top notch. Edge sounded pretty good on Stuck in a Moment as well. I thought song wise the new songs translated really well and mixed just fine with the older tunes. Unforgettable Fire was a real treat to hear live. Breathe is a strong song to start with, but I wonder if Magnificent might be better. Of course I could be biased since Magnificent is my favorite song from NLOTH. The guys came towards the back many times to sing/play so I felt they gave it a full 360 performance.

Negative: The Dome is just too darn big. When I saw them on the Elevation tour it was pretty intimate in comparison to the 360 show. The crowd seemed to get into it for the older songs, but you could tell many folks just did not know some of the newer songs. I wish they would mix the playlist a little more. There really were not any surprises. As for songs they need to retire .. well I love One, but they could stand to drop it from the next couple tours, I thought it fell kind of flat. As for Walk On this one seemed to get little to no audience interaction. I do understand that the guys are trying to raise public awareness for global issues, but I doubt even 10% of the crowd knew who Aung San Suu Kyi was and why she is a political prisoner in Burma. Even less than that 10% probably care as well. Also, the sound quality on the songs was pretty good up high, but when Bono spoke between songs it was kind of distorted. Was hard to catch what all he was saying. And finally, yet another show where they dropped Unknown Caller .. this was a big bummer as it is one of the stronger songs from NLOTH .. put it back in the lineup fellas.

All in all, even though there were a few negatives it was a great show to be part of. Next time I need to be back in the GA floor to really experience the show. But was well worth the time and money to see the worlds best band rock out one more time. Thanks for the experience Larry, Adam, Edge and Bono!

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