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by JimT

This was my 5th U2 show. 1 Joshua Tree, 2 Zoo TV and 1 Elevation previous.

Institute was good and fairly well received by the crowd.

Had seats in section 207 which is just back from the tip of the elipse on Edge's side. Thought they were great seats to take everything in. Don't know about the 4 or 5 guys in their mid 50s that sat in front of me that ended up sitting for the ENTIRE concert.

COBL is a really good song to open with and that led into some of the more recent hits like Vertigo and Elevation. More and more I think that Elevation is going to be one of those staple songs that gets played on many tours to come.

SYCMIOYO is a very touching piece. Bono said at the start that every conversation he had with his dad over the last 10 years started with "take those stupid glasses off" Bono took off his glasses for this song

The overall theme of this show, like the ones of the past week, was the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death. As mentioned, U2 was playing in Buffalo that night and Bono referenced that gig. I noticed from the archives on this site that was their 3rd show ever here in the states. One addition to the set list above is the snippet of Happy Christmas (War is Over) at the end of SHFWILF. Crowd also picked up from Bono and sang a full verse of Help at the end of One and St. Pepper was mixed in as well but it escapes me now as to where it was in the show

Toward the end of the main set the highlight was Miss Sarajevo and as previous reviewers have said Bono is right on with the opera part

Pride, WTSHNN, One. Doesn't get much better to finish up the main set.

The Zoo TV portion of the encore was good complete with bellydancer for the end of Mysterious Ways and all of WOWY.

Instant Karma got the crowd really going during the second encore.

A great show but IMHO a U2 show is not complete without 'Bad'

Of course it would have been nice to get some surprises like Crumbs, Kite, Even Better than the Real Thing or even more of the older stuff but you know what we, as U2 fans, should be sitting back and enjoying the ride. For a band to be able to play this well and this passionately 25+ years into their careers is something special.

As always, it was a great 2 hour ride regardless of what they play. Hope I don't have to wait 3 or 4 years for it to happen again...

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