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by dre

4th and final show this tour, 10th overall for me! Sadly, Vertigo has come to an end, and to be honest it ended on a bit of a down note. Not because of the band - the boys put on a fabulous show. However, I agree that the sound was muddy for a large portion of the main set. And the crowd was not great!!! I have _never_ experienced such a terrible crowd - our section in the 300s was seated for most of the show. The sections on either side of us were standing. The people behind us had the nerve to tell myself and my two U2 fanatic friends to sit down!!! SIT! at a U2 show!! We offered to switch seats with them so we wouldn't have to hear their rude comments throughout the gig, and thereby ruin the whole night. So in the middle of Still Haven't Found, we clambered up to their row and they sat down in ours. And stayed seated for the duration - during STREETS!! I'm sorry - why are you at the show? It's a rock concert - and it's U2!! Why should I curb my celebration of this glorious music? Instant Karma . . . you'll see. I could only long for the atmosphere of MSG in May, where every person to the rafters was on their feet at "Wake Up" and sang along boistersouly to Yahweh. I will say that UTEOTW ROCKED and it was great to hear Gloria (though I missed Electric Co. and Bad)

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