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by Sue

This was my fourth concert on the tour and definitely the best, a lot to do with getting into the Ellipse with my husband and our 10 year old daughter. We met up with a family, a man and his two daughters at the ETS Pre concert party (which was great fun by the way). We made a decision that if anyones ticket flashed Vertigo wed take the other five with us.

We arrived to the concert around 7:15 pm, there was no line. What a relief this was, we didnt have to line up outside. The bossy old man at the door told us we couldnt take our camera in with us. This wasnt even an issue at the previous concerts I had been to in Toronto or Ottawa. He said wed have to take it back to the car. My husband said hed take it and came back a few minutes later breathless. He pretended that he had run it back to the car, but he had actually slipped it into his sock - clever guy!

Only one of our tickets was scanned, when the guy saw our daughter was part of the group, we were all sent over to the table with the Ellipse arm bands. We were in! It was so exciting, you certainly feel special and definitely privileged.

Our daughter got a guitar pick from Dallas before the show. Our new friends looked after her and made sure she had a great view. Thanks guys, it was fun spending the night with true fans.

We set ourselves up right at the back, where Bono enters the stage and where Larrys drum, is set up for Love & Peace or Else. Great spot, we still cant believe how close we were. I could see the sweat dripping down Bonos neck and I could see that Adam doesnt seem to sweat at all.

The show was amazing! The cell phones during One looked beautiful from this perspective. I read afterwards, that the guys arrived only 1 hours before the show, they didnt even mention it and put on a great show from beginning to end.

If I could only go back in time, what a feeling - Hearing Arcade Fires Wake Up at the beginning of a U2 concert standing in the Ellipse, followed by over two hours of my favorite band singing my favorite songs. Cant wait until the next tour.

Heres some pictures we took with the camera my husband took back to the car:

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