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by Son of Abraham''s Mom n Dad

Sometimes, the planets align; God intervenes, and the result is magic.

First of all, since U2 fans are the best people in the world, I would like to ask anyone who happened to capture the moment to share their photos of Tristan with the Band with us.

We tripped down to Buffalo with our 9 year old in tow, with floor seats and hopes of getting into the ellipse so Tristan could see the Best Band in the World up close and personal.

His Dad and I have been promoting these amazing guys since we were teenagers running college radio play at George Brown in Toronto, and Dad was in the event tour business for 18 years and has seen hundreds of U2 shows - we were at Slane Castle in 2001 as well.

We had young Tristan up on our shoulders throughout the show, and it was such a joy to see him sing along to the songs and wave his arms at the band, peace sign on both sets of fingers.

Rick knew from some earlier shows on the tour where to position near "The Edge" when "Sunday Bloody Sunday" started to play. Still feeling like we were in some surreal dream, we were absolutely floored when Bono turned and pointed straight at Tristan. His Dad, who had been coaching him for weeks about what to expect and what to do should the unthinkable happen, looked up at him with a huge smile and said, "You're on!" as we passed him up to the stage.

He might have looked a bit like a deer in the headlights up there, but believe us, Tristan knew that this was a huge moment. He's a really outgoing, outspoken, animated kid believe it or not, but for someone who wants to be a rock star, he's got stage fright! I can't believe he was too stunned to do a trip around the ellipse on his Healy's-the running shoes with wheels on them he had on-usually he's unstoppable. But, oh well, who's complaining?

His Dad and I looked on in amazement (I don't think we'll ever get over the moment of joy and pride for him, that he got to be a part of musical history in his little way)-our boy was onstage with our favourite 4 musicians of all time - with a tip of the hat to the 5th Member of U2-Mr. McGuiness".

The show was great for so many other reasons-it's the first time I've seen the boys so close up-I was an ellipse "virgin", I loved the set, the staging and the messages of the night. I loved the "Help" lyrics and the band talking about being in Buffalo when John Lennon was shot in New York and then playing "Instant Karma"-when that happened I stayed home from school, crying all day for the loss and glued to the television for days mourning the loss of him. As Bono introduced Tristan saying he represented the next generation, I couldn't help but think how this Band has taken up where Lennon left off, honouring the legacy, but (my opinion), surpassing it, in so many important ways, the least of which is their appeal to the human heart and spirit, their intense musical talent and continuous 25 year history of togetherness as a group. I met Edge briefly at a meet and greet during the ZooTV tour, and I swear the goodness and spirit of that man just radiate from his eyes. And as a fellow Canadian Mom who captured some excellent shots of Tristan said to me, Bono is a Prophet-she's been carrying a sign around to shows that says, "Bono, You are a Prophet" with a reference to Jeremiah 1:5, which reads: "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, [and] I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations." Bono may be the speaker, the performer, the frontman (and sorry, other band members & Ali, but the hottest) but I believe this mantel applies to the entire Band. Each an individual, each with amazing skill and talent, and yet, U2 could not be U2 without a single one of them.

Couldn't see much of the action on the ellipse walkabout because I'm only 5 feet tall and had Tristan on my shoulders half the night, but I understand from other posts there were many other magical moments to the show.

So, hope you all enjoyed the show.

PeaceLove&Happiness to all.

Dar, Rick & Tristan

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