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by Emma

Well it's been about three weeks since the gig now, but its been bugging me that I never left a review to a gig that certainly made my life...

After flying into Toronto the day before,(from London) and driving down to buffalo, and then getting up at 5.30am to brave the bitter cold and snow storms, I was not expecting to be so near the front of the line! I was number ten, with my dad being number 11. It was my fifteenth birthday, and I was seeing u2. What could beat that?! All day we queued, pretty damn cold for the majority of it, but then the kind people at the hsbc arena let us line up inside.
But all my tiredness, my need to go to the bathroom, and my desperation for a drink, disappeared at the band walked onto the stage..

This is my second show of the tour, my first being at the cardiff millenium stadium. I did not think anything could beat that, but this gig certainly did. An amazing set list - gloria, original of the species,until the end of the world and stuck in a moment. And with some great lennon references too, with the band playing instant karma with was great! But my highlight of my night had to be love and peace or else. We were right at the front, on the rail, and larry had to be about 2 metres away from me on the drum. Bono was with him, and sang the whole song directly to us at the front. At one part he even stumbled on the words, and i carried on with the right ones. This made him laugh. I was so taken with this personal response! And then at the end of the song, Bono gave me larrys drumstick. I was so shocked! I am a drummer too, and what with it being my birthday, I was gobsmacked, and so unbelievably happy! I can't put into words how I felt when Bono knelt down and put it into my hand, and smiled at me. It was just..something unreal!

So I would like to say thankyou to Bono for giving me the best birthday present ever, and for now ensuring that no birthday can ever compete with my fifteenth!
I would like to say hello to all the people in the GA line that made the long hours before the gig more than bearable! You were all great, it just goes to show that u2 fans are the best!

And i would like to just point out that, not all u2 fans are great. When Bono handed me the drumstick, he also handed my friend Kari who was to the right of me one too. A woman holding a 'zootopians united against poverty' with blonde hair, who had seemed rather amicable earlier, reached over and grabbed the drumstick right out of Kari's hand. We were all so annoyed at her. Honestly dude, how can you live with yourself knowing that you own something that wasn't given to you? I'm sure Bono would have been ashamed if he had seen.

So anyway, after my rant, it was a wonderful night that i will never forget!

Love and Peace(or else)!

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