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by Ambrose Mantora Lacha

I grew up a Clash fan. I thought U2 always tried to be like the Clash. I thought Bono copied all of the Clash's stage mystique. Boy, was I right tonight. Bono proved that he is the biggest poser in the world. Strutting around the stage as if he is still a young rock star. He was gyrating his senior pelvis and the people backed up more at this act rather than extend their hands. The Edge??? During Sunday Bloody Sunday, he rewrote the entire arrangement to fit Bono's miserable voice. Bono sports a bandana and tells us to coexist. Who is Bono for shouting these things. He has no say in political affairs, my life, or anything else for that matter. Larry Mullen Jr. should play a triangle because he has no idea what he is doing on the drums. I noticed a special drum during Where the Streets Have no Name and I have never heard such tired drumming in my life. I was offended at the sound of Sunday Bloody Sunday. Dumb old drum beats, same old tired garbage.


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