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by Trip through your Wire

As usual reviews are going from the best to the worst depending on where you stood and how fond of U2 you were.
That was only my 2nd show after Elevation though I have growing a sicker and sicker fan for 15 years after discovering them through Rattle & Hum.
I was standing 1st row around Adam's target-stage and both sound and views were great.
To make it simple I just mention some good and bad points:
- Good: the easy access into the stadium and the inner places close to the stage. I arrived around 3pm just a couple of minutes after they opened the doors and didn't have to queue at all.
- Good: the fans around were excellent, you could get out of your sport to buy something or whatever, everybody was kind to let you go back to your spot.
- Bad: the rain before the pre-concerts
- Good: the crowd cheering at the flash of lighting and thunder
- Good: Feeder
- Bad: Ash
- Good: The show
I don't think it will remain as a special show for the band, but it was definitely great to be in the audience.
They started a 10 minutes late from schedule (20:25) so I was afraid they had to shorten the show. But as they played AIWIY between SHFWIALF and COBL it was looking like it would be the normal setlist.
Let's go with a few details:
- Good: snippets from the Smashing Pumpinks at the end of I will follow (?)
- Good: the crowd singing all along
- Bad: Bono's voice at the beginning of the show. It really sounded tired, . After reading Amsterdam's review, I had the hope they would keep Miss Sarajevo, but as he had difficulties hitting the high notes on SYCMIOYO I forget about it.
- Good: the curtain-screen opening before Miracle Drug, while Bono was making his speech about medicines and particularly researchers in Zurich. About 12 blue huge spotlights with an operator behind each appeared. Great view !
- Bad: LAPOE. I had the shock of my U2-fan life with that song. This is maybe the song I prefere on the new album and I was eager to hear it live. So I was of course delighted to see the drum being placed 3 meters in front of me and Larry coming to it. And then ... he started druming .... Oh Larry !!! ... Sorry ... You looked ridiculous ... OK, in fact I am reasponsible. I was too close and was hearing the sound directly from the drum and not from the speaker so with the delay the beat (and the drumer's gesture !) wasn't at all in rythm. Awfull. If you like this song avoid being to close
- Good: Larry, Bono and of course Adam came 2 meters in front of me. Adam is amazing, smiling at the crowd, hitting a cord ...
- Good: The "this are the hands that built America" thing after the BBS sermon.
- Good: Miss Sarajevo. With Bono's voice I wasn't expecting it anymore but he made it perfectly. The crowd was first so quiet listening at him and then cheered out lout as he finished the tenor part.
- Good: One
- Bad: the quite crowd on the "back to Zoo TV" part
- Good: Yahweh. Dedicated to the late painter Balthus and her wife and daugther that were attending the show. The accoustic version is terrible.
- Bad: it finished right on time at 22:30 and at 22:32 the logistic team was starting to dismantle the atomic stage.

I think I have memories for a couple of years now ...

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