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by Michael

It was not a typical show, even though it was a good show. Bono was great, but everyone else seen to lack the energy they typically possess. The Edge was noticeably less active than usual. However, he was spot on with everything, including vocals. They just seemed tired.

The setlist was ACHTUNG BABY all the way, which was OK with me. I am disappointed that they have abandoned NO LINE material so quickly. OK....they kept a few songs from the album that were not powerful and replaced the always moving "Breathe" and "Magnificent." "Moment of Surrender" might be a very prophetic song, but it falls horribly flat as a closing song. You just with the same feeling that NO LINE ON THE HORIZON in general gave....OK....what's next?

"Zooropa" rocked, but most people did have the "I don't get it" expression. "Where the Streets..." was gorgeous. "Stay" was amazing, and "Miss Sarajevo" was such a nice surprise that the Edge, Larry, and Adam looked surprised that they were doing it. "Walk On" was indeed started in the wrong key, but the Edge found his way back. The whole One.org parading their lights around continues to be fairly ineffective.

Sadly, 75% of the audience had no idea who Clarence Clemons was, and there was a lot of explaining going around. I loved "Amazing Grace", but that goes without saying. "Pride" is for the average fan who isn't a fan, but I could do without it. "City of Blinding Lights" was extraordinarily good. Everything else, especially "Sunday Bloody Sunday" didn't offer much wow factor.

Finally, and most importantly, shame on your Baltimore in nearly every possible way. While the M&T Stadium folks were very friendly and kind, the entire system is corrupt, like the city itself. We paid $40 to park in some horrid parking lot in some horrific neighborhood. In GA, they were kind enough to continue offering beer and margaritas while most of us were dying from dehydration. I'm not sure alcohol was the solution.

Honestly, some of the behavior in GA was bad, but it wasn't inexcusable. It was hot, and the only liquid available was alcohol. That's not a good combination. We were sure there was going to be a massive fight in front of us, but wisely, the smaller guy, backed down. Thus, great job U2. It wasn't your greatest show, but that still puts your miles ahead of the competition.

It was a good night, but it was dangerously steaming in the inner circle. When is the last time you saw folks walking out of the pit with 30 minutes left in a show? It happened multiple times. It was that hot. As always, Baltimore was ill-prepared, over-priced, and just plain hot and sweaty.

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