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by Todd

We were able to make the U2 show in Baltimore on Wed. I took my son to his first big show. It is like he skied the Alps on his first trip, just downhill from here. What a spectacle. It was an outstanding night and a great show. I have seen them only once before at RFK in early 90's and that was an amazing show, so was not sure how this would turn out, the recent albums don't have the kick for me.

We got there about 5:30 and easily parked in one of the city garages across from orioles. The traffic was not bad. Only bad traffic was back in home town of DC where the beltway in maryland is just another parking lot. And on the way out, we were walked the couple mile or so back to garage and then zipped out to 95 in 10 minutes. Baltimore rocks for getting people in and out of the inner harbor/stadium area.

Got to stadium little before 6:00 and it was hot. There was still lots of room in general admission, and next time we would do that. You could have gotten to show 1 hour before warm up band and get in the inner circle right by the stage. I would have thought that would be packed earlier. And my son at first major concert, you would not have been able to leave your spot and come back, it wouldn't have worked. Next time though, that is where to go. Be prepared with water and not be able to leave for 4 to 5 hours.

The show started slow with Florence and the Machine. I think they would be great in a smaller venue. Last song was good, but a harp just doesn't seem to work in a stadium.

U2 started just as the sun was setting, about 9:00. Perfect night. Hot night but cooling down. We were on the side of edge, club level seats.

Came out strong with Even Better Than The Real Thing. Sound seemed to get better as show went on. I am partial to the older tunes. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For was great. the sound was great and the show was a spectacle. The lights and screens and laser show, very cool. Even the random totals of things before the show. The video from Gabby's husband. The 360 idea is a great format for stadiums. How many times have you been on the other side of a show and not able to see or hear real well past the speakers. This format made the sound go all around, and more people could see. A great idea.

While the show was a spectacle, from our view, Bono seemed tired and trying to get the crowd singing but didn't seem to click until much later in show, maybe it was darker or the crowd had to cool down or just an older crowd ?. It is a different dynamic with 50 and 60 year olds rather than 20 somethings. The Bloody Sunday and some of the other tunes, the band seemed to be going thru the motions. But the encore from One on, the crowd and the band really kicked in. My personal highlight was the Streets have no Name in the encore.

I would love to see them in Phila, just not sure if I can afford it. A rare treat. but you got a lot for your money at this show. My son was thrilled. Sorted of shocked that close to 90,000 strangers can get into music like that. It really was a special, wonderful experience.

Thank you to U2!!

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