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by Tracy Deal

Well, first of all, why has U2 dropped Do You Feel Loved from their playlist? Big disappointment not to hear that song, probably one of the best grooves on the POP album. Whats up with that!!!??? That would be like U2 dropping the Fly or Zoo Sta. from their ZOOTV playlist.

All-in-all a spectacular performance, the highlight being that giant lemon, sorta reminiscent of the funny pod scene in "this is Spinal Tap". Many agreed that the show is less intimate, less about the band, and a tad overwhelming. Edge's guitar was great, Bono's singing was off a bit.

The new songs were great, and yes, I am an old U2 fan. Those who haven't latched onto the new U2 dont realize what their missin'. Velvet is a good studio track, but a poor substitute live, especially considering Do U Feel Loved was canned. Honestly, I left the show feeling like I was short-changed by not hearing 'Loved. After all, lets consider what we all paid for tickets! I still love the guys, their show was incredible, dont miss popmart '97!

The best (5) POPMart moments for me personally were:
(1) Watching the band walk in from my viewpoint on the floor in the aisle & waving my vintage 1984 U2 banner at them as they passed (however, in the mayhem, I spilled my beer & lost my $25 U2 concert tee!)
(2) My favorite POP numbers were "Gone", "Last Night on Earth", Streets, "Miami", and Please (too bad I sorta missed half of Mofo in all that bedlam down on the floor as the band came in) - warning to all those going to Popmart in the future, get your butt to your seats, especially if your seats are up front. By the way, I had no interest what-so-ever in Rage whoever, thats why I was late to my floor seats and "ran" into U2's arrival aisle entry!!!
(3) Daydream Believer by the Edge karaoke style was too cool!
(4) the giant Lemon - nothin' to say but Awesome baby and lastly,
(5) "One" as the closing number - I still miss '40' though. One is now the ultimate U2 show closer. I just stood there (on my chair) in a trance looking up at the giant red heart, while Bono moved me with those lyrics. May be the best "ballad" lyrics ever composed. I had tears in my eyes (but mainly cause I knew the show was over) Definitely goin' to the Atlanta Georgia Dome show in November! (Saw ZOOTV there) Oh ya, and Discotheque ruled - it was played on the auxiliary stage - those are ideal seats in that area. Actually, the people closer to the main stage had worse seats than us 'cause they had to turn around for that encore set.

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