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by Traci Pollard

Okay, as a true U2 fanatic, there is no such thing (in my world) as a bad U2 concert, but did anyone else notice something missing here?

At first I was pissed. Long before the show started I saw the stage and wondered, "Just who the h*** do they think they are?" But, once the show was on, it all worked, and the giant screen did help my pitiful seats. After the first half of the show, I wanted to write the band an apalogy note. The audience just wasn't getting it! Maybe it's just where I was sitting, but no one was paying much attention to Bono. It felt like, when you go to a "one hit wonder" show, and you goof off and talk until they play that one song you know. At past shows, the audience was always hanging on everyword Bono uttered. At RFK durring the Joshua Tree tour, we all prayed for Bono's shoulder after he fell on stage. There was a unity there. I don't know, but I didn't feel that at Clemson. I felt like Bono didn't say much because he wasn't sure who would listen.

At the end, I screamed "How long..." forever, but not a soul (except my amused husband) caught on. Sorry to ramble on, but at Clemson, the band played their heart out, and the crowd got drunk. I can do that in my living room! Where are the old fans out there looking for more?

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