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by Ivan Gonzalez

It seemed odd for U2 to play a stadium out in an area known for country music and college football fans. I enjoyed Rage Against the Machine. I admire how U2 tries to get a variety of groups to oen for them. Groups that most U2 fans may not listen to. As a result, I have grown to love Public Enemy and Rage. I was sitting along the catwalk expecting for the band to come on stage from the back only to find out they came in from the field.

I was sitting next to girl who got taken up during "Miami", I think her guy friends were jealous. I started to cry during still haven't found what i'm looking for. I remember my late father who died a year before the show with that song. The lemon was awesome.

Despite the low attendance, probably due to the remote location and high ticket prices, it was a great show. Too bad classes were not in session to get more of the college town atmoshpere hanging around the town. However, it was the best way to celebrate the end of my final exams that Friday. Although I am a rattle and Hum/achtung baby genereation u2 fan, I think all u2 fans and non u2 fans would agree that was one of the best shows they ever saw.

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