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by Steve Claret

It seemed to me that U2 cut short their set tonight after Bono suffered major technical problems during One. It seemed to be either
his guitar or one of his pedals that was plagueing him. He attempted to get the band to stop but they all carried on and no technician came to his aid. He looked well pissed off. He carried on manfully and finished the song after much guitar thrashing and then left the stage in a hurry at the conclusion. Walk On was missed out completely as a result and the concert finished with Herman Broods version of My Way. What a major bummer that was.

We did get to hear Gone, New Years Day, Sweetest Thing, Out of Control, All I Want Is You and Rain/Staring At The Sun which we didn't the previous night. ( Rain was dedicated to Manchester as it hasn't stopped here for the best part of 2 days )

All in all not as enjoyable as the 1st night due to the tech problems mentioned and not getting to hear Walk On again but it was good to hear the different songs tonight.

Still it beats staying in watching the telly, doesn't it.

Till the next time.


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