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by SP

Firstly - Special thank you to new found freinds for all they did to ensure Heart entry for many dedicated fans.

Since they played my local rock club, Taboo in Scarborough and I just missed them by minutes, I have been waiting for a concert where the set is minimal, an arena - or smaller and for raw emotions. The tours I did make I enjoyed every second and was blown away, but this is the one I dared not even pray for.

Until I was in the Heart and the intro to Sgt Pepper began, I still could not believe it. The night prior fell victim to the headache from hell, shaking, naseaus and distorted speech I was in bed by 9.30 pm. Painkillers, and rest helped, and thanks to my excellent friends and host for looking after me.

Nerves gripped as the intro to Eelevation played, headache still bad, please let me get through this, waited so long...... one by one, the guys appeared, jumping higher than I ever did on sports day, the whole Heart erupted like a volcano through to the final song.....best cure I have ever had!

The Fly was like the first time I had ever heard it, totally blew my mind - particularly the sticky ending, and the image will remain as a firm favourite. Larry was superb in Desire, and I had never been so close to Adam before.

Each song was a new surprise, and when Bono was on the main stage I had a clear view through, and often (as with many) felt as if he was singing just to me - that is one of the things that makes the concerts so special, if you get eye contact they make you feel as if you are the only person at the concert. The effects/toys etc of previous tours were fun but I cannot recall much about them! For me, it's the four guys, some simple lighting and a good time! As always they delivered the goods - blew us away.

Our thoughts were also with absent friends and to fans who cannot make it - we know how they feel and appreciate our good fortune.

How do you get down from orbit for the next one??? Walk on.

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